At any time you can start save money to give more strength to your personal finance and ask you financial goals what to chase while you fill your piggy bank to make it happen. Even on the January slope if you manage yourself well and especially if you brought your expenses according to a budget and you took care not to overdo it, you can start making your little save and we will tell you how to get it.

If you do not have practice in the habit of filling a piglet on a daily basis we will show you how a savings challenge can make you collect 2,500 pesos is the minimum effort in the course of 4 weeks.

Keep this table on hand, preferably near your piggy bank to always know how much you have to deposit. (My Pocket)

So in no time you will be able to start your first saving seriously in a piggy bank with a specific goal in mind, the accumulated total that you achieve at the end of the challenge, but you will also be encouraging the integration of this routine into your lifestyle.

Following the scheme that we show you in this table, you can make daily payments to your piggy bank so that within 30 days you will have your reward on time if you are punctual.

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It begins with a contribution of 100 pesos that you deposit in the little pig and each new day you will put 5 pesos less than the previous day. So you will continue to pay smaller and smaller amounts until on day 12, when you pay only 45 pesos, the trend is reversed and they begin to rise little by little as more experience in the procedure makes it easier and easier to comply with.

For the last days of the challenge you will be handling amounts a little higher than at the beginning, and a final payment of 115 pesos will be enough to close the total sum and you will be ready to claim your prize for the discipline you showed.

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The advantages of having saved money They are incontestable, it will always be better to have funds in the bank that will get you out of trouble than to go to the branch to get a loan for which you will have to pay more expensively.

In addition to the financial support that it implies, the very peace of mind of having it is a relief so that you can face unexpected events, and if you continue to save by having that little storage already prepared, you can make larger acquisitions without resorting to credit or using it more ease of having money to hitches or to liquidate your financing at any time if necessary.

On the other hand, while you follow this one-month savings project, the more than 21 days required to consolidate a new habit will have been overcome and you will be able to continue developing this activity once you finish the savings challenge with the ease of someone who has done it all. life.

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how to fill your piggy bank with $ 2,500 quickie